Frances Kathryn: Teacher of Personal Growth & Empowerment, Channeled Readings, Energy Calibrations™ and Gifted Psychic & Healer

Na’auao is the Hawaiian name given to Frances Kathryn by a kumu (Hawaiian teacher) upon first moving to Hawaii. The name means “lit from within.” Believing that there is always more to learn as long as we’re alive, Frances Kathryn is honored to have been given this name. It captures the essence of what she desires to express: living every moment as best she can in the light of the truth of who she knows herself and others to be. See testimonials. Her life purpose is to help others to know and embrace their own true power and magnificence so they, too, may live their lives fully and in joy. See about Na’auao.

Her gifts allow her to attune energetically with a person or situation to understand what is happening and why. Believing that there are no coincidences or random occurrences, she views every experience as having been drawn to oneself for the purpose of personal learning and growth. There are two ways to learn and grow: using our power to create what we do want (learning through ease, joy and empowerment), or learning through struggle, conflict or disease. The choice is ours. Nothing is written in stone. We are always creating something – whether it be what we want or what we don’t want. So ask yourself as you make each decision in your life: Does this choice move me closer to what I want? Frances Kathryn helps others to know themselves and the beliefs and thoughts which drive their choices, and to work toward creating an empowered, fulfilled life!

She also believes that everything in our world serves us by presenting valuable opportunities for learning more about oneself; that even though we tend to focus on someone or something outside of ourself the truth is that whatever happened occurred so that we could learn more about us! It is never about something outside of ourself, regardless of how things appear; it really is ‘all about you’.  When you truly understand how the Universe works, you will know that you are connected to, and have affect upon, every other part of the Universe by every thought, action, word and deed that you put forth.